Thursday, August 04, 2005


Esto se puede encontrar en la pagina oficial del maestro. Johnny Marr, ex-guitarrista y motor compositor de The Smiths. Las mejores seis cuerdas de los ultimos 20 años. aqui esta la entrevista que le hice y el que no cree puede buscarla en su pagina oficial. Perdon por mi precario inglés, pero es de hace unos cinco o seis años atras.

Name: Ivan Silva Merino
E-mail address: (mi primer mail, ya no existe)

Yo: Johnny, please would you tell me your favorites bands and albums???

Johnny Marr: I like "Electric Ladyland","Low" by David Bowie,The Velvet Underground's albums,"Raw Power" by Iggy and the Stooges,"There's A Riot Goin On" by Sly Stone,"The Slider" and "Electric Warrior" by T.Rex,loads really.

Yo: your favorites clothes? and your favorites movies???

Johnny Marr: The clothes I like are kind of a mixture,I think girls stuff is far more interesting than boys,desert boots,silk shirts,suede trousers,vintage 70's levis or Wranglers.I've got a clothes company called "Elk" so,obviously,I like our stuff as well.
I like the movie "Altered States","Once Upon A Time in America","Performance" and some others.
Yo: What do you think about the soul music???

Johnny Marr: I'm into some soul music although I'm not really listening to any at the moment,Bob and Earl "Harlem Shuffle",Stax stuff,Curtis Mayfield,Isleys,James Brown was always good, "Keep On Keepin' On" by N.F.Porter is ace.

luego de eso, nos fuimos a beber unas cervezas.. mentira... pero hubiera sido bacan.


Blogger Marisol Garcia said...

Iván, queda ahora tu blog archivado en mis visitas frecuentes. Lamentable lo breve de tu conversación con Marr. Como sé que te interesa, te invito a esto:

Y vengo llegando a la casa. Aún no escucho ESPIA.

8:05 PM  

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